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Our Privacy Policy

Information that we collect about clients and why we keep this

We collect personal information and keep records about you and the service that you receive so that we can;

·      Provide you with the right care and support to meet your individual needs and preferences and respond to any changes;

·      Answer any queries that you may have or deal with complaints;

·      Keep you safe from harm and abuse;

·      Check the quality of the service that we provide and improve it if necessary.


We will only ask for information that is relevant. This includes information about who you are, your home, what and who is important to you, your care and support needs and preferences and details of the service we provide to you.


We keep copies of this information in:

- The care company office;

- With the 'on call staff member' who provides management support out of office hours.

-Digitally, care plans and risk assessments are stored electronically through an encrypted system with password protection.


We will not keep information about you for longer than is necessary. In most cases we will dispose of information 6 years after our service to you ceases. All information is stored in compliance with GDPR 2018 and electronic copies will also be encrypted, and password protected.


Who else can see the information that we have about you?

The law says that you have a right to see any personal information that we have about you. To see a copy of any personal information that is not already at your home, or to correct any inaccuracies, please contact the care company manager:

We will also accept a request from a member of your family or a friend providing they have your written permission.

Usually we will not discuss or share your personal information with anyone else unless you have given us permission first. Occasionally, however, we may need to share information about you without asking your consent because the law says we must or because we are concerned about your safety or well-being.


This includes:

·      The statutory regulator for health and social care;

·      Legal representatives that you have appointed such as attorneys;

·      A court appointed deputy, visitor or guardian;

·      The local authority social work or adult social care department or the Health and Social Care Trust;

·      An independent mental capacity advocate instructed by the local authority;

·      Other health or social care professionals in an emergency.


The storage of information, or access to information that is already stored follows GDPR 2018 can be requested in writing from the Data Controller.


Lapis Care

Data Controller

Unit 9 Shedfield House Dairies

Sandy Lane


SO32 2HQ


Further information

If you have concerns about how your data is being handled or stored please contact the Information Commissioners Office on:

0303 123 1113

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