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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose home care?

Home care offers the ability to stay in your own home with a personalised and regularly reviewed support system for as long as possible, whilst offering reassurance to your family and friends that you have regular care and any concerns are being monitored and resolved.


Care at home tends to be a less expensive option than live in care as there are less company overheads, it also gives you more autonomy with your daily care requirements. Care at home offers flexibility and comfort and enables you to develop a trusting and personal relationship with your regular carers who also know who to refer to if problems arise


Are you insured?

We are fully ensured with QCIS with PLI up to £10,000,000


Are Lapis Care registered to provide homecare services?

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission, Our last inspection was in May 2018. We were rated ‘Good’ overall.


What is the process for a new client?

When you pick up the phone, you will speak to one of our friendly office staff who will take a few basic details regarding your needs.


If there is no time pressure, and you wish us to, one of our senior carers will visit you  for an informal chat and bring you our information pack. When and if you feel you would like to take the next step, our care manager will visit you to undertake a comprehensive assessment of your needs and discuss your visit requirements.


We always have a ‘trial of care for the first 2 weeks and only then if all parties are happy do we sign contracts once any requested adjustments to the package have been put in place. You will then have a further review after 6 weeks, but should anything happen in the meantime, you only need to pick up the phone and chat your concerns through with us.


What happens if my care needs to be changed?

We regularly review your care package at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and then 6 monthly. However, it isn’t straightforward to planning our lives to a set timetable so we will review your care package as often as is deemed necessary by with either party to ensure we get it right for you.


What happens if I need care during the night?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide overnight care at present. However, we regularly review our services and we hope to offer this in the not too distant future.


Do I have to pay for care?

You can have a financial assessment from social services for your eligibility for funding of care, usually if you have combined assets over £23,250 you are not eligible for funding. Any assets below this will be considered and you may need to contribute to your care. In some circumstances people with medical or nursing needs may be eligible for continuing health care funding.

How much will care cost?

Our prices are:

£29.00 per hour, £25.25 for 45 minutes, £21.50 for 30 minutes We also charge 45p per mile


Are all your staff fully trained?

All our staff undergo training prior to commencing their duties and shadowing with senior members of staff and mandatory training is completed annually. We are always looking at ways for staff to improve their knowledge and skills to ensure our expected high standard of care. Our carers have a range of NVQ’s Level 2- 5.


How do I make a complaint?

We very much hope it doesn’t come to that. However, we do have a robust complaints procedure in place which we will provide you with a copy of. Depending on the nature of the complaint you can:

· Address it to us here

· Adult services at Hampshire County Council

· Care Quality Commission.

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