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We founded Lapis Care in 2015 because we believed there to be a lack of consistent, holistic, exceptionally good home care provision.

We are both registered nurses with a combined 60+ years of experience between us. Our experience ranges across areas including general surgical, end of life and the care of long-term conditions. We were working respectively in primary care as a practice nurse and as a clinical nurse specialist in Multiple Sclerosis at the time we set up Lapis. This wealth of knowledge and experience underpins all the care and expertise that we and our team provide to our clients today. There are few incidences within our field of care that we haven’t seen or experienced.


We both continue to maintain our registrations with the Nursing and Midwifery council, revalidating every 3 years.


We believe in ‘lifelong learning’ and we are passionate about cascading our knowledge down to the next generation of nurses and carers. Furthermore, we are continually striving to raise the profile of social care amongst the public and our Health and Social Care peers through our innovative and collaborative approach to care so that we may achieve the best outcomes for both clients (and their families) to enable them to remain independent, safe and well at home with a fulfilling lifestyle for as long as possible.

Built on values meant to last.

At Lapis Care, our bedrock is built upon a set of unwavering core values that not only define us but also guide every facet of our organisation. Forged collaboratively by our cherished staff and clients, these six values are:

  1. Openness

  2. Honesty

  3. Ethical Excellence

  4. Pursuit of Excellence

  5. Compassion & Kindness

  6. Dignity & Respect

These values steer us towards our mission of exceptional care and service.

Dedicated to providing exceptional care

Lapis Care will be a respected name within the Health and Social Care industry. Providing a full range of in-home healthcare services and collaborating with the wider multi-disciplinary team, ensuring that people transition to the community in the knowledge that their health, safety and well-being will receive excellent care in a seamless manner. Lapis Care will focus on employee excellence through continued professional development, striving for exceptional customer satisfaction by carefully matching care to a client’s needs.

Your care team

The Lapis Team

Our “Life is to be Lived” Initiative

Carer and client
Carer and client

At Lapis Care we want all of our clients to live their best lives. We strongly believe that because you receive care doesn’t mean that you have to stop having dreams or ambitions and it definitely doesn’t mean that you have to stop being you.

With this at the forefront of our minds we set up the Life is to be lived initiative. It started life in early 2018 as the ‘Bob the builder’ policy, basically if we can accommodate it for you, we will, or we will give it a really good try.

As part of the initiative we obviously love being able to deliver the big things also, this comes in many forms from taking a housebound client on a cruise ship for the afternoon or taking more than half of the clients and their families to the pantomime and then meeting the cast.

The initiative is not just about bucket lists or big dreams, it is for the things that could or would make life easier in the long term for example a client was assessed by an occupational therapist who suggested that they would benefit greatly from an automatic leg raiser for their bed.


The cost of the equipment was in the thousands, so it was completely out of the question for the client to purchase independently. When we found out about the situation, we set about trying to find funding to purchase the equipment for the client. Eventually the Lions and Rotary clubs shared the cost and the leg lifter was purchased. When it was installed, they were so happy they called to say it was the first time in years that they had been able to stay up to watch the sun set in the summer.

Lapis in the community

We at Lapis take ‘social responsibility’ extremely seriously. We enjoy being able to support causes that are close to our hearts and those of our team, clients, and their families. We recognise that without ongoing research into conditions such as dementia, heart disease, cancer, to name but a few, a cure will never be found. Participating in these events promotes terrific team building in addition to achieving a positive outcome benefitting others.


These and many other conditions are distressing not only for those physically experiencing them, but for the extended family and friends who gradually see the person they love change or fade. Equally many people rely on care from charities such as Marie Curie and, as well as many others whose highly valuable work relies on donations to provide patient care and family support.

  • To date we have held charity functions for: (including but not limited to;)

  • ALZHEIMERS SOC.   Cupcake Day

  • Cancer research. Race for life

  • Dementia UK

  • Macmillan.  Coffee mornings

Furthermore we try and support local organisations who raise funds to support members of our community, such as Lions and Rotary ( both who have been generous enough in the past to help with purchasing equipment for our clients) as well as our local food bank.

Trusted by clients

Great help to keep my brother in his own place for as long as was safe. Lovely carers, who he formed relationships with and he looked forward to visits. Great communication from all involved. Thank you from all his family.

V C (Brother of client)

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